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Facebook group

We have formed a Facebook support group of over 1,000 family members where you can discuss your concerns. This group is a closed, safe group, open to adults closely affected by a child’s cancer. facebook icon 404pts

Throughout your child’s cancer journey there are going to be so many decisions to make, talking with others who have ‘been there’ may really help you. In our group, you’ll find lots of very supportive parents.

Most parents tell us that the best way to cope is to talk with others who truly understand what you are going through.

To join please make a request via our Facebook page: Joss Searchlight’s ‘It’s Good to Talk’

Face-to-Face groups

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Would you like to meet up with other local families affected by a child’s cancer? Sometimes an informal chat really helps. We are forming local groups for get togethers and family day’s out – more details of this can be found on our group page. 


Support Films

With the help of our focus group, supportive parents, children with cancer and their siblings we have produced a series of support films. These films feature the families’ real life experiences and offer coping strategies from health professionals.

Our ‘It’s Good to Talk’ films cover uncomfortable subjects such as ‘facing diagnosis’, ‘talking to children about their illness’ and ‘helping children face their fears about surgery and medical procedures’.


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