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Whether you need advice, someone to talk to or more practical help, Joss Searchlight Cancer Support is there for you. At many times you may just need to chat, to know that there are others out there that understand.

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Joss Searchlight

Scruff Torch facing rightWe are one of the few cancer charities for children and their families.

Caring for a child with cancer is life changing, care is 24/7. Exhausting, sometimes positive, sometimes heart-wrenching.

We aim to be a central point for family cancer support, information and guidance.

Telephone helpline

Our telephone helpline operates 7 days a week from 9.00am – 9.00pm. Or if you feel your emotions are still too raw you may prefer to email – please use our contact form.

Home Visits

We are not professional counsellors, simply parents who have ‘been there’ on a similar journey we can listen to your concerns, ask about additional resources and discuss special days out and holidays to look forward too. We work closely with each family to uncover individual needs and to provide information and support that will make a real difference.

We especially provide home visits for families affected by a child’s terminal cancer diagnosis.

Creative therapy in your home

A play therapist is a life line for our family. There are so many decisions to make, it’s the only time that I have free to plan my son’s care and be able to talk freely, knowing that he is happily playing”

Children with cancer and their brothers and sisters have to learn to cope with so many new  and troubling emotions and experiences. Play and art therapy is to children what counselling is to adults. Children are able to express their feelings more easily through toys and art instead of words. The therapist can ‘listen’ to what the child is really saying and then help them to work through difficult emotions and cope better with problems.

Creative therapy is used to:

  • Provide a different way of communicating
  • Communicate issues that may feel difficult
  • Express feelings
  • Explore changes  

All activities will all be geared to the tremendous challenge of adjusting and to adapting to a different sort of life.

Psychotherapy in your home

We believe every close family member should have access to talk about their feelings with a health professional, sadly very few families are offered this type of help. Most families who talk about their feelings and find coping strategies tend to have a better journey.

We fund psychotherapists to make home visits or for you to make a visit to a local clinic.

Meet and greet celebrities

We wish to give children with cancer and their siblings a much deserved treat to look forward too and help them through difficult cancer treatments. We understand how much meeting a favourite celebrity or appearing on a TV show can mean to children with cancer and their families.



Holidays & Breaks

We know how important holidays and short breaks are, having a child with cancer is stressful for the whole family.

Depending on available funds we can provide holidays with the assistance of our holiday partners. (Low income families may also be eligible for a petrol or travel allowance)

If you would like to receive a list of available holidays please email us.

We’ve arranged holidays for families in destinations such as Disney World, Disney Land Paris, Center Parcs, Legoland, Nickelodean Land and beach holidays in Europe. We also arrange for families to have special days out at The Harry Potter Studios, Theatre Trips, Spa Breaks, etc. 



Cancer Support Films

We have produced a range of informations and support films to help your family to cope.

SUPPORT FILMSYou may like to watch our short films (5-8 mins each) on tips on how to cope and/or read the tips on this website.

All information has been produced by parents of children with cancer and checked by health professionals.

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