Behavioural Changes

boy and teddybear in bed, with teddy bandaged

Children may find it hard to talk about their fears and may behave differently than usual. Some children become very loud or bossy, others may be quieter than usual, perhaps withdrawn. Your child may regress to behaviour such as sucking their thumb or wetting the bed.

Your child is likely to worry and be afraid at times. Just like you, they will have good days and bad days.

Naturally, most parents indulge their poorly child however setting limits for behaviour and activities is still important and even comforting to your child

Bear in mind that some medicines, e.g. steroids, can result in dramatic changes in behaviour. Many parents say their child became demanding and aggressive whilst on steroids.moods and expressions

Teenagers frequently complain that their parents try to protect them too much. Teenagers are at a stage in their lives when they are naturally trying to be their own bosses, but having cancer changes that and forces them to depend on you. Giving teenagers some independence, a chance to make their own treatment decisions and choices, when possible, will help.