Support for your child

To help your child deal with fears and feelings you may wish to:

  • Assure your child that the cancer and its treatment are not punishments, they have not caused the cancer.Little Boy in Wheelchair
  • Encourage your child to talk about the cancer and cancer treatment. (Age appropriate ideas for talking with children are discussed by child psychologists in our support films)
  • Ask your children questions to get the conversation started. Family talks can help everyone feel less worried. Talking helps the whole family cope with the illness together. Some families set a regular day for their children to ask about their concerns.
    Children, like adults, have good days and bad days. Help your child feel part of normal life.
  • Tell your child that is it okay to feel sad and cry (and it’s okay for mum, dad, brothers and sisters to cry too)Scruff Torch facing left
  • Encourage activities to help your child feel more relaxed. Creativity activities such as painting, dancing or music can help your child to feel better.


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