Joss Searchlight Trials New ChatBot and Live Chat

One of the main frustrations for families affected by childhood cancer is when the wider community assume it’s all over when the hair grows back. For many this is a time of post traumatic stress and unshakeable anxieties fears that the child’s cancer will return.

Joss Searchlight children’s cancer charity is proud to announce that they are launching a series of digital solutions to help solve anxieties for families affected by childhood cancer.  

‘Live Chat’ is available 9.00am – 5.00pm to allow chat for families, ’Support Sessions’ via Zoom to include art therapies and we’re also commencing the trial of a new ‘Chat Bot’. 

Children with cancer have emotional needs that need just as much attention as their physical needs. These children experience fear, anger, anxiety, depression and other feelings associated with a serious illnesses. Many children with cancer, in particular brain tumours often experience some difficulty  some difficulty with speech and language. Together with families and health professionals we are developing a ‘Chat Bot’ to help support them. The Chatbot would answer most of the pressing questions. In these current times questions have multiplied. ‘Common experiences’ include Coronavirus, cancer and mental health, coping on down days, staying connected during isolation, anxieties over postponed treatments and attending hospital.

Many of the families we support say that the best way to cope is to chat with others ‘who understand’. Our Peer support groups, psychosocial support and art therapies are a great refuge too.

It has long been believed that Art as therapy is incredibly beneficial to children suffering with neurological conditions; an expressive therapy that uses a child’s creative process to improve their physical, mental and emotional well-being.Often it is used by a child as refuge or escapism but also as way of articulating their feelings. Sometimes unable to give voice to the complex feelings with which they struggled, children’s art reflected their mood perfectly. Through creating art they are able to cope better with symptoms and enjoy life more.

‘Live Chat’ has recently been  launched via our website If your interested in our online support sessions or would like to be part of setting up our new ‘Chat Bot’ please contact