Kids Cravings……

What is it about Raspberries and Cancer?

Joss Searchlight as part of ‘It’s Good to Talk’ program recently asked parents of children with cancer what their children craved during treatment.

We asked this because just after Joss was diagnosed he craved Raspberries, both fresh and tinned. We later found out that there is something in raspberries that is apparently good at fighting cancer – Ellagic acid.  Raspberries have the highest concentration of this antioxidant . raspberries

This compound is located in berry seeds, and various studies have demonstrated that people who consume foods high in ellagic acid are three times less likely to develop cancer when compared with those who consume very little or no ellagic acid. Other antioxidants in berries including vitamins C and E may also offer protection against cancer and chronic disease.

tomatoessMany people also cited berries as their child’s craving following diagnosis.  Other food craving are probably less beneficial and less obvious. Names have been omitted for privacy.

Girl: My daughter ate quite a few punnets of raspberries

Boy: Tonnes of raspberries and strawberries in his year of fighting RMS, especially during his week of brachytherapy.

Girl: Pineapple and ravioli. Thankfully not at the same time!

Boy: He can eat up to 4 whole cucumbers a day and we ve just found out is also one of the food items that fight cancer the most

Girl: Carrots and again are cancer fighting!

Boy: Eats only yellow food!

Boy: Tonnes of raspberries, strawberries and blueberries. And tomatoes

Boy: Chicken, chicken and a side order of roast pork

Boy: Tomatoes, strawberries and sausages

Girl: Apricot kernels excellent for cancer bashing

Girl: A punnet of strawberries every day.  She also ate tons of mushrooms during treatment too.

Boy: Bacon and cheese pasta. Hmmm, not convinced about this one!

Boy: Lots of Garlic. I read that garlic was good for cancer so we eat lots … I hope it does work otherwise we’ve lost friends for nothing

Boy: Super mature cheddar and sausage

Boy:  Pig…anything from pig.pig

Girl: Meat, especially red meat,

Girl: Spicy sausage or beef .

Girl: Broccoli, its all she would eat when she was on treatment

Boy: Pasta with cheese, minced beef and onion pies, watermelon and he loves sausages and potatoes 

Girl: Chicken nuggets (had to be Mcdonalds) Other things changed every cycle of chemo. We went through ham, quavers, smarties, crunchies and roast beef hoolahoops.

Boy: Raspberries, strawberries, cucumber, grapes, carrot and salami.

Girl: My daughter craved sweets at the beginning then over night it was salt, and spicy food.

Boy: Plain pasta and cucumber

Girl: McDonalds, KFC and spaghetti bolognaise.  And ice pops

Boy: Plain smooth yoghurts!! Record was 27 in one day.

Boy: Chocolate and quavers.  Anything with cream

Girl: Chicken curry with rice

Boy: Fruit particularly kiwis. He’d have 3-4 a day! Orange juice. Roast potatoes and gravy

Boy: Mexican food, bean sprouts and iceburg lettuce

Girl: Garlic bread and marmite sandwiches

Boy: Cheeseburgers–  3 a dayburger

Boy: Sausage sandwiches and a still lucozade sport.

Boy: Bacon, spaghetti with ketchup and ham

Boy: Strawberries and cheese. Crackers and marmite and gravy. Pizza

Girl: Strawberries, pasta, anything cheesy, chicken drumsticks and tomato soup.

Boy: Weetabix and BBQ flavoured hula hoops

Boy: Sausages, Haggis,bananas and pizza

Boy: McDonalds chips and quavers.  Found out it was the salt that he was craving .

Boy: Curry Super noodles and cheese

Boy: Burgers and crumpets 

Boy: Bacon and fried eggs

Boy: Pepperoni pizzas, chicken satay sticks, mash potato with gravy, pickle onion Monster Munch and strong flavoured crisps, Magnum bars

Boy: Anything salty when he was diagnosed. Crisps any with a strong flavour.

Boy: Blueberries and raspberries.

Boy: Blueberries