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A heart-breaking insight into childhood cancer

The popular actor, writer and comedian, Rob Delaney, has released a deeply moving memoir about his son Henry, who died from a brain tumour at the age of just 2 years old.

The heart-breaking yet beautiful book provides an insight into the harrowing experience of losing a child to cancer, as Rob explores and helps readers understand just how devastating childhood cancer can be.

Henry was diagnosed with a brain tumour before his first birthday

After several weeks of feeling unwell, vomiting, and receiving misdiagnoses, Henry was diagnosed with a brain tumour before he even reached his first birthday. 

The tumour was the size of an apple, an although an operation at Great Ormond Street was able to remove it, sadly Henry was left severely disabled, and the tumour returned a year later when he was living back at home.

Like many parents, Henry’s mum and dad took the difficult decision not to put their son through further harsh treatments when his cancer sadly returned, and as a result they had to watch their son pass away in January 2018 on Rob’s 41st birthday.

A raw recollection of a devastating time

Rob confronts this horrific experience through a raw, witty, and unflinching recollection, which captures the unbearable experience many of the families we support have to suffer. Yet, he manages to work humorous moments from their family life into the memoir, and the result is a mixture of fear, joy, sadness and a true celebration of life and family love.

Within the memoir, Rob likens being a bereaved parent to living on a lunar outpost, where you are still part of the human race, but you have suffered something which most people will never experience in their lifetime. Delaney accurately describes his grief as a shifting experience, where it weaves its way into daily life and once the immediate horror of his son’s death had passed, he can now smile when he thinks of Henry. Of course, grief still exists, but through the support of family, their young sons, and a new baby, it is possible to find a way to cope with the grief.

As much as we all wish cancer did not take children away from their families, sadly these deaths do happen, and Rob’s story shares the raw details which are often kept private. Whether you have experienced similar pain or are trying to understand more about this painful experience, this memoir will disarm you with its honesty about the short life of Henry. There will be moments when you read this book that you will want to stop, but the radical honesty mixed with Rob’s humour will give every reader an insight into the experience of losing a child to brain cancer. 

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