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Cancer Awareness Month

Every September  along with a variety of advocacy organisation we focus on raising awareness of childhood cancer. Via our groups we bring our family community together to share stores and strive to find better support, treatment and research.

Events are hosted all over the country to honour children with cancer, child survivors, angels and all the cancer health care workers, researchers dedicated to improving the lives of children with cancer.

Every May we focus on raising awareness of child brain tumours with a special focus on May 19th dedicated as DIPG/DMG awareness day.



Using your own personal experience of a young family member having a brain tumour is a fantastic way that you can help from the comfort of your arm chair. You could be writing about how it affected the family, the issues faced and how the community helped (or not). Or you could create a presentation that we could film to help others.


Featuring in one our It’s Good To Talk films is a great way to get our message across to other families is really easy to do and needn’t take too much time. We can’t promise to make you a movie star but can promise that we will be respectful of your experience and present the films in a way that you are comfortable with and that helps other young people and their families.


Using your own local knowledge of businesses and support groups to build great connections is a wonderful way to help us fundraise. Whether big or small, researching and identifying fundraising opportunities in your area is a great way to help us. Many companies choose to have a Charity of the Year that much of their fundraising efforts goes to. These same companies often give to charity as a way of reducing their corporation tax liability. Establishing when a charity of the year partnership is about to expire and promoting Joss Searchlight as their new Charity of the Year to local companies will not only help to fundraise but also to raise vital awareness with the employees


If you’re under 18 and have either had a brain tumour or still being treated, we’d love to hear from you. Something as simple as sending us a video diary of your experiences (from your phone) would be a good way to communicate a story to others facing the same journey as you.


Building a team of volunteers
Our Christmas donation envelope distribution needs collectors and we will need someone to build and manage a team.


Promoting Joss Searchlight on Social Media is really valuable to us. Getting a conversation started and helping it carry on is vital to raising awareness. Help remember the children who are no longer with us and honour luminaries working toward a cure and better quality of life for those families who are living with these cruel child cancers.


Help us find a cure for rare brain tumours and give support today

Setting up a regular donation helps fund brain tumour research and increases the quality of care

we'd love to be friends

We promise not to inundate you with emails or messages – that’s not our style.

But when it’s really important, like a piece of research that you’re funding is getting results, it would be great to let you know.

And we will never pass on your details – guaranteed

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