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Daniya’s Story

Daniya was a courageous, sweet and bright little girl who was inquisitive by nature. She lived her short life so full of love, bringing so much joy to all around her and teaching those close some very valuable lessons. Despite her immense suffering, she never complained about a thing. She loved rainbows, unicorns, stuffed animals mac and cheese & cookies! A stuffed animal accompanied her on every trip.

Daniya, Joss Searchlight
Daniya 22nd May 2016 - 4th February 2022

Age 4,  she developed some subtle facial weakness and an MRI revealed a huge brain tumour. One month before her 5th birthday, she was diagnosed with Diffuse Midline Glioma (DMG), an aggressive malignant brain tumour which is inoperable and terminal upon diagnosis. Daniya’s mum Mona said “Daniya slept in our bed for the last few months of her life. It was the best but it did make us feel her absence that much more when she was gone. But we are so grateful to have spent those nights close to her”

Daniya began her battle in April 2021. She underwent a biopsy, 6 weeks of radiation treatment, numerous medications with their own painful side effects, several MRIs and CT scans, a handful of hospital visits, countless pricks/pokes/covid tests (and covid), and experienced the deterioration of her verbal and physical abilities, until they were completely gone (though she remained cognitively aware of what was happening, as all children with DIPG/DMG are).

Daniya for Joss Searchlight

Mona, Daniya’s mum said “ There was nothing we could do to change the outcome for Daniya. We certainly would have done anything to change it, in a heart beat. Although Daniya has left this world, that desire to change the outcome has remained in our hearts – we feel it now for each child who is currently battling and for all those who have yet to be diagnosed.

Genuinely, there is hope that things can change for them. The cure is out there, and researchers are making fascinating discoveries that bring us closer to it.

We humbly ask that you help us keep moving towards that cure, in any way you can.We are so appreciative of all donations made to childhood brain cancer research in Daniya’s honour and we feel privileged to be able to facilitate these contributions”

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A gift of just £10 could help give support to a family who are struggling with a new diagnosis


A gift of  £25 per month could pay for a days pioneering research into rare brain tumours 


A gift of £50 could fund research into devastating brain tumours in a clinical trial 

DIPG brain tumours are currently an incurable and devastating cancer.

DIPG robs a child of their hearing, sight, movement, the ability to swallow and eventually their breathing. 

It’s only with your help that research into this devastating cancer is possible.

Joss Searchlight are funding vital research into the most life-threatening brain tumours. Please be part of our journey.


Along with providing financial grants to help families struggling with the expenses of having a child with cancer we also provide life changing support.

Support Workers who advise, visit and support families with compassion are an essential part of Joss Searchlight.

Family support is in our DNA, as the founding trustees know what an important part compassionate support played in helping them during their son’s illness and after his sad death.

We can’t fund research and we can’t support families without you. 


At Joss Searchlight we totally depend on donations. Donations enable us to fund vital brain tumour research, to find a cure for some of the rarest brain tumours, to campaign for better treatments and support families on their cancer journey when they need it most.

Research organisations need funding stability, they need to know that they have enough money coming in every month to allow them to do their incredibly important work. We need to pledge a certain amount of funding every year to make sure they’re able to do everything they can to find cures and treatment programmes for some of the hardest-to-treat brain tumours.

Children should enjoy their childhood
Not spend their lives fighting cancer

Help us find a cure for rare brain tumours. Give your support today

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