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Dr Emily Grossman

I love explaining science in a way that brings simplicity

We asked Emily to present some of our 'It's Good to Talk' films because she has a magical way of explaining even the darkest subjects in an easy to understand way.

Dr Emily Grossman is an expert in molecular biology and genetics, with a Triple First in Natural Sciences from Queens’ College Cambridge and a PhD in cancer research. She also trained and worked as an actress and  now combines her skills as a science communicator and broadcaster; explaining science for a wide range of TV and radio programmes and at live events. She also teaches all three science subjects and maths at all academic levels.

‘I love explaining science in a way that brings simplicity, clarity and understanding to others’.

She specialises in using creative analogies to help visualise and explain complex scientific concepts – whether it’s making models of atoms out of fruit and vegetables, using horse-racing to explain electricity, or jumping off the sofa to understand gravity and momentum.

Our range of Support films cover subjects from initial diagnosis to life after treatment and behavioural changes.

Presented in a friendly and accessible way using real stories from real parents the films are intended to educate in a ‘you’re not alone’ sort of way.

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