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Although Joss Searchlight invests heavily in rare brain tumour research we haven’t forgotten our roots and why we started.

Having a child diagnosed with a brain tumour is extremely painful and very worrying, we know it.  The founding trustees have walked a similar path and understand you need support. 

Whether you simply need someone to talk to, advice,  or more practical help, Joss Searchlight Cancer Support is there for you.


Support Workers

When things get really tough, one of Joss Searchlight’s support workers can be there to help with the difficult questions and lend a friendly ear.


We all need a little help sometimes and sadly dealing with cancer can put an extra burden on family finances.  Joss Searchlight may be able to help

Hard Questions

In every families cancer journey there will be hard questions to answer. We have put together a tool kit of information, including a guidance film 

Support Films

Since we started Joss Searchlight we have put an emphasis on shining a light for cancer families.  Our support films can help when you’re lost

Time in Hospital

Whilst in hospital children will miss their friends and family. They will probably be quite scared and may be pretty bored.

Joss Searchlight offers some essentials for keeping in touch with friends, schools and family and battling the boredom:

We can loan your child a Laptop, Tablet or Mobile phone to help alleviate the boredom and keep your child connected through the hospital’s wi-fi network.


Help Joss Searchlight find a cure for some of the rarest brain tumours and give support to families

You can do something amazing

Challenge yourself at a sporting event. 

Donate your birthday

Remember a loved one with a donation

Give a monthly amount

Make a one-off donation

Something Special Art Event for Joss Searchlight

Work with your local community and businesses.

Ask shops to have a collection tin

Talk to schools to hold non-uniform days

Deliver Christmas envelopes 

Help us at events

Fighting to make all brain tumours curable

Being in Hospital and Treatment

To prepare a treatment plan the treatment team will look at factors such as the type of cancer, stage of the illness, your child’s age and general health. A treatment plan will outline the exact type of treatment, how often your child will receive treatment, and how long it will last. Each treatment plan is individual; even children with the same type of cancer may receive different treatments. 

The types of treatment often used to treat cancer are Surgery, Radiotherapy, Proton Therapy, Chemotherapy and  Immunotherapy.  Most children receive a combination of therapies.

Before treatment begins, your child’s consultant will discuss the treatment plan with you, the benefits, risks, and side effects.

Being in hospital is scary for all of us but particularly children. Knowing what is going to happen and telling your child is essential

Help Us Make a difference

Donating to Joss Searchlight does so much more than you think. We fund research, educate and support cancer families across the UK

Tyler’s Story

Aged 12, Tyler was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumour. Despite numerous surgeries Tyler is incredibly positive and stoical.
Your gift will enable us to help find a cure for some of the most aggressive brain tumours and support families

Kiera’s Story

Kiera was so sweet, sassy, and smart. She loved playing outside, gardening, swimming and animals. She loved Disney movies, especially, The Nightmare Before Christmas and Frozen.
She couldn’t walk after her diagnosis, the steroids made her cranky, but she was the bravest and strongest little girl

Childhood brain tumours are relatively rare.

Childhood brain tumours are thankfully relatively rare.

1500 children are diagnosed with cancer each year in the UK, of these, around 400 children are diagnosed with a brain tumour.

Most of the time symptoms that your child may show that cause you concern will not be due to a brain tumour.

However, it is important to talk to your doctor if you are concerned.

What are the Symptoms of a Childhood brain tumour ?

Symptoms of brain tumours can vary from child to child.

Symptoms can often mimic relatively minor childhood illnesses.

Common symptoms of brain tumours

Taking Your Child to a G.P if you suspect a brain tumour

If your child has one or more of the symptoms listed, or you are concerned, you should take them to see a Doctor as soon as possible.

Explain your worries about the symptoms being a sign of a possible brain tumour.

If your child is exhibiting two or more of the symptoms listed, ask the Doctor for an urgent referral, meaning  your child will be given an appointment with a specialist who can look into the cause of the symptoms.

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