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Fundraising is easier than you might imagine.

Choosing to fundraise for Joss Searchlight is a wonderful thing and we are really grateful that you are choosing us to help,  thank you. We’ll be on hand to help you every step of the way.

Your fundraising will make a big difference as we fight rare brain cancer together. It will also enable us to give vital support to families of children with some of the world’s rarest brain tumours.

We’re extremely grateful to Tom Chambers, star of Holby City, Waterloo Road, the stage musical Top Hat and winner of the sixth series of Strictly Come Dancing for lending us his support over recent years.


School friends often like to get behind something fun that they feel strongly about. With your passion and enthusiasm it’s bound to be a success – passion can be infectious.

Offices love a cake sale !  Work colleagues also like to feel they’re doing something positive and often just need someone to get behind to kick start them into action.  You can be that person.

So whether you’re fundraising on your own, with friends, colleagues or family, Joss Searchlight is behind you all the way and we’re very grateful.

What you do and how you do it is up to you, but we want you to enjoy fund raising – so you’ll do it again !.  Knowing that you’re doing your bit to help families and find a cure for some of the worst brain tumours will help you go that extra mile. 

So whether you’re doing a sponsored run, swim or dog walk or selling off some of your unwanted items on Ebay or in a Garage sale, the money you raise will make a big difference as we fight rare brain cancer together. It will also enable us to give vital support to families of children with some of the hardest to treat brain tumours

Hundreds of Miles at ten years old

Ten year old max rode from Buckingham to Cardiff and Buckingham to Paris to raise money for Joss Searchlight

We nominated Max Wellstead to receive a ‘Diana Award’ for his dedication supporting children with a brain tumour and their families. At just 10 years old Max found incredible strength in creating a sporting event for our charity – ‘Ride for Joss’.  

He proudly cycled 300 miles with a collection bucket fixed to his bike from Swanbourne in Buckinghamshire to Cardiff and back again. Over the course of a week Max raised a staggering £8,200 and also raised awareness for Joss Searchlight and for children with a brain tumour. 

The following summer Max rode from Buckinghamshire to Paris and back (total 400 miles). He inspired another child to cycle the whole way with him too!

Here’s our youngest fundraiser - cyclist Max, aged 10. Max rode a total of 700 miles to raise funds for Joss Searchlight


Help us find a cure for rare brain tumours and give support today

Setting up a regular donation helps fund brain tumour research and increases the quality of care

Fundraising ideas

Claire’s Story

For at least 10 years prior to my non-cancerous brain tumour diagnosis I had been having headaches. As a young teenager I was able to control them with the usual painkillers you can buy over the counter.
“However, my headaches were getting worse and more frequent. I was always feeling very tired.” 

Tabitha’s Story

Tabitha passed away on the 9th of June 2018 after fighting brain cancer for most of her life. Tabitha was just twenty one months old when she was diagnosed with cancer


We totally depend on donations. Donations enable us to help find a cure for some of the rarest brain tumours

Let's make brain tumours a thing of the past

James' Story

Age 12 James had been an A* student at a grammar school and had dreams of becoming an architect.  following persistent visits to A&E after struggling to swallow and with painful headaches James was prescribed antibiotics for suspected glandular fever.

His mum Jane said, “More symptoms kept popping up and after numerous visits to A&E I told the doctors I wasn’t leaving until they found out what was wrong.” In December 2013, it was discovered that James had an inoperable brain tumour with fluid on his brain.“

To get the diagnosis was just earth-shattering news” said Jane.

James received proton therapy over the course of three months in Oklahoma. High doses of radiation were delivered directly to the brain to reduce the side effects.

James said “As soon as we returned home the first time, I knew that we had to come back one day. Oklahoma has really touched my heart, and I now feel that it’s part of me. I think of Oklahoma  as my second home now.”

Over the years James continued to struggle with short term memory loss and from complications of his illness. His mum Jane said “His life is very different now, he has definitely lost his confidence and doesn’t mix with friends his own age. He just struggles to remember things that people told him five minutes ago, or sometimes he will repeat stories that he’s just told.”

James tragically lost his battle against cancer in September 2022, age 20

Help Joss Searchlight find a cure for some of the rarest brain tumours and give support to families

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