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Harry’s Story

Harry is somewhat of a miracle, he’s certainly defying the odds. He has been fighting DIPG for over 5 Years! 

In March 2018 at age 6, Harry’s parents were told that Harry has a cancerous mass on his brain stem (DIPG/DMG). DIPG is one of the most incurable and largely untreatable cancers of the brain.  For nearly children diagnosed with this tumour the prognosis is very poor and life expectancy merely months. Harry’s family were told there’s no cure and to go home and make memories. 

Following diagnosis Harry received 6 weeks of radiotherapy in March 2018. This necessitated spending 5 days a week in London, several hours away from their home. Harry’s dad had to give up his own business in order to balance time spent in London with Harry and time at home with Harry’s sister. 

Photo Courtesy of Belfast Telegraph

Harry after his DIPG Trreatment

Although not curative, the hope was that radiotherapy may halt the growth of this aggressive tumour until more treatment options (clinical trials) may become available.

Harry is a sweet, athletic, and caring boy. He is very active, loves football and playing outside and rarely slows down. He hasn’t let his illness stop him, and he lives his life to the fullest.

Harry also has autism and was nonverbal until age 5, yet able to read!

His family don’t know what the future will bring, however on 25th March 2023 they celebrated Harry’s 12th birthday, a day “we didn’t believe we would see” said Harry’s mum.

“We will never forget the day we were bundled into a room and told our son had a life expectancy of jus 9 to 12 months at aged 6” says Harry’s Mum.

Currently, Harry is doing well, and his last MRI was stable.

(DIPG is universally terminal, only 1% of children live 5 years +). DIPG receives less than 1% of cancer research funding

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DIPG brain tumours are currently an incurable and devastating cancer.

DIPG robs a child of their hearing, sight, movement, the ability to swallow and eventually their breathing. 

It’s only with your help that research into this devastating cancer is possible.

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Along with providing financial grants to help families struggling with the expenses of having a child with cancer we also provide life changing support.

Support Workers who advise, visit and support families with compassion are an essential part of Joss Searchlight.

Family support is in our DNA, as the founding trustees know what an important part compassionate support played in helping them during their son’s illness and after his sad death.

We can’t fund research and we can’t support families without you. 


At Joss Searchlight we totally depend on donations. Donations enable us to fund vital brain tumour research, to find a cure for some of the rarest brain tumours, to campaign for better treatments and support families on their cancer journey when they need it most.

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Children should enjoy their childhood
Not spend their lives fighting cancer

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