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Host an Event

Hosting an Event

Arranging or hosting an event is not only a fun thing to do but when it all comes together is a rewarding achievement,

Rather than your friends feeling that they are jus donating they will have fun and enjoy the bonding experience. When you total up the money you have raised the rewarding feeling is amazing.

"I arrranged a Board Game and Cocktail evening for a bunch friends. There were 14 of us and we played on a knockout basis and raised over £360"

Sponsored Swim

Most council run swimming pools will allow you to hire their pool. Choose a date, Select your team and we can send you sponsorship forms.

Arrange a Park Run​

Getting a bunch of freinds together and doing a park run is one of the easiest events to arrange.

Coffee Morning

Hosting a coffee morning or an afternoon tea is a lovely thing to do, and if there's cake even better

Fancy Dress Party

What could be more fun than a fancy dress theme to a party. Maybe give a prize to the best outfit

Host a Dinner

Host a dinner party and get people to pay and enjoy your wonderful cooking - or you could even do a take away

Sponsored Dog Walk

Doing a sponsored dog walk is a great thing to do and your four legged friend will really enjoy it.

Games Night

Getting friends around for a games evening can be great fun. Choose the game, the stakes let the fun begin

Crafting Workshop

Get some friends around to try out some crafts, maybe lay on a lunch too

Golf Day

Holding a golf day is brilliant at bringing people together whether you're a novice of a scratch player. Charge an entry fee

Open Garden

Open your garden to friends and maybe throw a BBQ. It's a great fundraiser and allows you to show off your gardening skills

Talent Night

Show off your talents and have a laugh at the same time. Whether your forte is music, comedy or story telling.

Whatever your chosen event we can supply sponsorship forms, merchandise and guidance to help things go with a swing

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