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Reaching Out to Cancer Kids with Joss Searchlight

Using real stories from children with cancer up and down the U.K. Joss Searchlight's #R.O.C.K - Reaching Out to Cancer Kids drama documentary was produced as a discussion piece for schools.​

Written by Nigel Parkes and Tony McHale (Creator of Holby City), Directed by award winning film director Frank W Smith and with music by Brian Bennett (The Shadows), the film navigates the emotions and turmoils of a young boy recovering from cancer.

When a child has cancer, conversations go from being difficult to unbearable. How to tell a child they have cancer? And how do you tell a child with cancer, or their siblings, they won’t get better?

Named as a finalist in the Charity Film Awards it has been used in countless schools to stimulate conversation on how to be more accepting and sympathetic to children returning to school after cancer.

The film wouldn’t have been possible without the enormous help from all of our sponsors and a very talented crew who gave up their time.


Help Joss Searchlight find a cure for some of the rarest brain tumours and give support to families

Danielle’s Story

Danielle has now been receiving treatment for her brain tumour for 14 years. Danielle remains positive “I’m just different. I’m not like my old friends any more” Danielle says.

Scarlet’s Story

Scarlet was diagnosed with an aggressive brain cancer (a pineoblastoma) which spread to her spine in 2011. She underwent emergency surgery followed by radiotherapy but sadly relapsed at the end of March 2012.

Creating Beautiful Memories

Emma was diagnosed with cancer age 12 and started a course of chemotherapy. Not only did Emma struggle to cope with the effects of cancer she also to cope with her father walking out on the family during her first round of chemotherapy

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