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When the going gets tough

We are putting together a team of Support Workers who can be there for you when the going get’s really tough.  

During a cancer journey, there will be times when you will feel lost, angry and desperate. There will be times when you just want to scream and shout and other times when talking with the family about treatment plans is not an easy task.

Maybe a telephone chat with a professional could help – or maybe a visit from someone outside of your immediate circle might be more necessary. Our support workers can be just the people to help you.  

Unfortunately it might be that treatment isn’t an option or the prognosis is very bad and you need to talk to the family about the next steps but can’t find the words.  A support worker might help

Initially we are putting together a team of professionals in the following counties with the aim of rolling this support out nationally when funds allow.  If where you live isn’t listed it doesn’t mean we can’t help – please contact us.

Cancer affects 1 in 500 children every year in the U.K.

Although things are getting a lot better for children with cancer, for those that receive a diagnosis of a brain tumour, it certainly doesn’t seem so.

Fifty Years ago, sadly 60% of children with a cancer diagnosis didn’t make it. Now with new research and treatments the prognosis for most children is looking much better with 80% of children recovering from most cancers. 

Unfortuantely the same can’t be said of brain tumours – which have received pitiful funding over the years.

We need to get the cure rate up for Brain Tumours - NOW

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