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The Childhood Brain Cancer Art Project

Amidst the sterile walls of hospital halls,
Young patients find a way to heal their heart,
With paint and brush, they answer to the calls
Of art, a solace from the illness’ chart.
Their canvases a haven, free from falls,
A place where they can freely play their part,
And in their strokes, a glimmer of a smile,
A hope that life can still be worth the while.

The Real Me

I wish some of the things that happened to me didn’t happen

I wish I hadn’t been chosen to have cancer

I hate people staring at me

I fear dying

I need a psychotherapist for all the trauma I’ve been through

I dream one day my cancer will be gone

My Cage, My Love

My cage is my chemo

My cage is my depression

My cage is ignorance

My cage is my panic attacks

My cage is no independence

My cage is pain

My cage is my disabilities

My cage is my daily life 

My love is my family

My love is telling jokes 

My love is helping others

My love is animals

My love is making family proud

My love is God

My love is healing 

Scared to tell you

Sad is when you are shocked in your heart

Sad is when you scream inside

Sad is when something horrible happened

Sad is when you feel a little bit angry

Sad is when you are mourning

Sad is like you never forget

Hope, Believe, Dream

Healing Hands

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Tiger Mum

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The mention of my child’s name

May bring tears to my eyes

But it never fails to bring

Music to my ears. 

If you really are my friend

Let me hear the beautiful music of her name.

It soothes my broken heart

And sings to my soul.

Your Child Has Cancer

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Joss searchlight inspired by art

We’ve always believed that Art is a wonderful way for people to express themselves. This is particularly true for children who are undergoing treatment for cancer;  sometimes expressing their feelings in pictures gives them a much needed voice.

We’ve been very fortunate to be supported by some amazing artists

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What is a child cancer hero?

A Hero appears strong even though they are feeling weak

A Hero has scars 

A Hero wears a mask that they put on for others

A Hero says goodbye to cancer friends who don’t make it

A Hero lays still for painful tests

A Hero cries at night and in the shower so others don’t hear

A Hero still  holds the sick bowl even though they’ve been sick for hours

A Hero washes their hands millions of times a day, as infection is never far away

A Hero has blood tests, biopsies, injections, surgeries & medicines

A Hero has anaesthetic every day for six weeks and wears a radiotherapy mask

A Hero feels lucky to be alive

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