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Charitable Trusts and Foundations
- a vital contribution to our work

Joss Searchlight are so grateful for the generous support that we receive via charitable trusts and foundations.

In addition to our need for core funding we rely heavily on grants and donations to fund vital brain tumour research, care and financing our support work.

Our key work includes:

Our grateful thanks goes to every one of the trusts who have given grants and donations towards our vital work.

We appreciate that without their support our ongoing vision to improve available treatments and to ensure families in the UK struggling with devastating brain cancers have the support that they need, would be even more challenging.

We need to get the brain tumour cure rate up now


Since its inception, Joss Searchlight has always supported families dealing with a child’s cancer diagnosis. We have been a friendly listening ear, giving emotional support to stressed and scared parents, given practical support to families caring for a child at home – whether that be home alterations or supplying wheelchairs and assisted living equipment. 

We have run Art therapy projects, supplied children in hospital with entertainment consoles and computers allowing them to keep up with their school work and we have funded end of life treats.

From 2022 we will be concentrating significantly more funding on three core areas

Over 400 children get a brain tumour each year in the U.K.

Working with trusts

Joss Searchlight are totally reliant on donations to carry out our work. We’re excited and enthusiastic to work closely with other large research organisations, Charitable Trusts and Foundations to ensure that our joint charitable aims are at the forefront of everything we do. 

We look forward to working with you to help find a cure for life-threatening brain tumours and help support families on their child’s cancer journey.  You will be kept fully informed of what we are doing, how we are using your grant and receive a progress report.



After years of campaigning, Proton Therapy is now available in U.K

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Facing a child’s cancer diagnosis is an incredibly painful thing

Funding, Advice, Information and a friendly ear from Joss Searchlight

Help Joss Searchlight find a cure for some of the rarest brain tumours and give suppport to families

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We promise not to inundate you with emails or messages – that’s not our style.

But when it’s really important, like a piece of research that you’re funding is getting results, it would be great to let you know.

And we will never pass on your details – guaranteed

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