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Choosing to fundraise for Joss Searchlight is a wonderful thing – thank you. We’ll be on hand to help you every step of the way.

Your fundraising will make a big difference as we fight rare brain cancers together. It will also enable us to give vital support to families of children with some of the world’s rarest brain tumours.

Doing a personal challenge for Joss Searchlight is not only great for our charity but is a boost to your life as a personal achievement.

Here’s our youngest fundraiser - cyclist Max, aged 10. Max rode from Buckinham to Paris to raise funds for Joss Searchlight

Some of our heros

Aged 10 Max rode from Buckinhamshire to Paris for Joss Searchlight

Hayley Munro for Joss Searchlight

Hayley did a 10k around Bleneim Palace for Joss Searchlight

Jayne and Aaron did the Great North Run for Joss Searchlight

A team from BBC's Holby City did the Great South Run for Joss Searchlight

Luke and Claude cycled 603 mile from John O'Groats to Land's End for Joss Searchlight

Justine has done a number of Tough Mudders for Joss Searchlight


Help Joss Searchlight find a cure for some of the rarest brain tumours and give suppport to families

Even though cancer affects 1 in 500 children every year in the U.K, things are getting a whole lot better for children with cancer

Fifty Years ago, sadly 60% of children with a cancer diagnosis didn’t make it.  Now the prognosis for most children is looking much better with 80% of children recovering from most cancers. 

We need to get the cure rate up for Brain Tumours - NOW

You can do something amazing


After years of campaigning, Proton Therapy is available in U.K

525 x325 What we do

Facing a child’s cancer diagnosis is an incredibly painful thing

Funding, Advice, Information and a friendly ear from Joss Searchlight


Founding Trustee on ITV News

Joss Searchlight founder, Dianne Parkes on the partnership between Joss Searchlight and The Brain Tumour Charity. CEO Nigel Parkes said ‘The groundbreaking partnership

At times I sobbed and at others it was completely glorious

Owen walked The Pennines and raised near £2K

“The walk was HARD, bad weather [hurricane] and tired old legs. At times I sobbed and at others it was completely glorious. Journeys like this are always an emotional event, as time just passes naturally [with or without you] and all you have is the sky and your heartbeat. When it finished I was so thankful and glad it was over…  now I miss it !!!!

 I know the money will go to good use, keep in touch.. maybe nice for my daughter and I to visit at some point. Would be a good experience for her regards what really matters in life”

The Pennines is recognised as being the hardest walk in the U.K

James’ Story

James was an A* student when aged 12 he was diagnosed with a brain tumour. Your gift will enable us to help find a cure for some of the most life threatening brain tumours and support heartbroken families


At Joss Searchlight we totally depend on donations. Use the link on this page to buy from Amazon and we will get a few extra pennies and it will cost you nothing more


Help us find a cure for rare brain tumours and give support today


Creating Beautiful Memories

Emma was diagnosed with cancer age 12 and started a course of chemotherapy. Not only did Emma struggle to cope with the effects

Scarlet’s Story

Scarlet was diagnosed with an aggressive brain cancer (a pineoblastoma) which spread to her spine in 2011. She underwent emergency surgery followed by radiotherapy but sadly relapsed at the end of March 2012.

Mia’s Story

After her DIPG diagnosis Mia’s love of stuffed animals grew! She hated the hospital treatments so following each visit her family took her to the hospital gift shop and Mia picked up a new friend.

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