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Volunteers form the back bone of our charity.
We’re small and flexible and we appreciate the greatest gift of all is the gift of time.

Joss Searchlight is a national charity supporting research into some of the worlds rarest and hardest to treat brain tumours.We also help support those families of children at these tough times.

Some brain cancers are the deadliest of all cancers.  Children are frequently robbed of their mobility, co-ordination, eyesight, speech and even the ability to swallow.

Join us and feel good to be part of a vibrant team of people striving to help families at the most desperate of times.

There are lots of opportunities to meet new people, increase your confidence and gain new skills and experience for your CV.  

With your help we can strive to find treatments and cures for difficult to treat brain tumours 

Volunteer and do something amazing


Help Joss Searchlight find a cure for some of the rarest brain tumours and give support to families who need help


Working from home

Home working is vital, from networking with businesses to organising events

How your Company can help

Corporate partnerships are incredibly important to all charities. Joss Searchlight would love to welcome you on board and help us to find a cure for rare brain tumours.

Fighting to make all brain tumours curable

Children sometimes ask the toughest questions

Danielle was only seven years old when she was diagnosed with a brain tumour. Danielle is a confident child and wanted to know all about her illness and to see the pictures.

Danielle has a twin sister, Laura. Their parents chose to be open and honest with Danielle about her illness so that she could tell her twin sister. The consultant told Danielle that she had a tumour in her head, he showed her the MRI scans told her what it is and what he needed to do. Telling Danielle the truth made her less frightened. Like many children she named her tumour calling it her ‘marble’, this helped her to understand the tumour as an object that could be removed.

Only one question left her parents lost for words, when Danielle asked ‘are they going to taking the tumour away and then I won’t be alive any more?’

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Are they going to taking the tumour away and then I won’t be alive any more?

Liaising With Schools & Colleges

Encourage local schools to do a MUFTI – No uniform Day, a cake sale, End of Term Disco, Sports event or a jumble sale.

Kids love getting involved and feeling like they are helping and teachers like seeing their pupils have social responsibility. We can give advice on how to stage an event along with supplying merchandise.

Christmas Envelopes

Arranging a team to deliver Christmas Donation Envelopes is a great way to interact with your local community and strengthen your relationships with neighbours.

We don’t set a target or specify the amount of envelopes we need delivered. You can do as much or as little as you feel comfortable to you

Something Special Art Exhibition and Auction

One amazing night in Shoreditch, EC2A

Gryff Rhys Jones
Rula Lenska
Mr Brainwash
Sophie Conran
John Wragg
Chizzy Akudolu
Thierry Bisch
Jimmy Akingbola
Jean Rogers
Brendan Neiland
Rosie Marcel
Jane Freud
Maurice Cockrill
Caroline Quentin
A. P McCoy
Stephen Merchant
Maurice Cockrill
Tim Bentinck
Ron Moody
Duncan Pow
Carne Grifiths
Joana Vasconcelos
Brian Bennett
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Over 100 artists including 12 from The Royal Academy donated paintings, Sculptures and Artworks to Joss Searchlight's Something Special Event.

Over 48 hours and with the help of 20 volunteers, we transformed 2 floors of empty space at the Blackall Studios in Shoreditch into the most amazing contemporary art gallery attracting some of the U.K’s top art buyers.

Celebrities from the world of Film,Television and Music created and donated works along with Contemprary Street Artists and Royal Academy artists.

Work With Local Communities

Local communities often like the camaraderie that a charity event can bring.

Maybe a cake sale, plant sale, garden fete, open garden day or for those ambitious enough – a dinner dance

Encourage Shops To Have Collection Can

Asking local shops to have a collection can on their counter is great for raising awareness. It also allows the shop to demonstrate a willingness to support charity.  

It’s surprising how those bits of loose change add up.


Help find a cure and give support

Choosing to fundraise for Joss Searchlight is a wonderful thing – thank you. We’ll be on hand to help you every step of the way.

Your fundraising will make a big difference as we fight rare brain cancer together. It will also enable us to give vital support to families of children with some of the world’s rarest brain tumours.

If you’re fit maybe you could challenge yourself at a sporting event.

Instead of presents, why not donate your birthday

Many supporters tell us they find it comforting to fundraise in memory of a loved one.

Hold a cake sale or a different kind of Coffee Morning

Join the trendy Cocktail Fundraising Evening idea

Or maybe Make a regular monthly donation

Here’s our youngest fundraiser - cyclist Max, aged 10. Max rode from Buckinham to Paris to raise funds for Joss Searchlight

we'd love to be friends

We promise not to inundate you with emails or messages – that’s not our style.

But when it’s really important, like a piece of research that you’re funding is getting results, it would be great to let you know.

And we will never pass on your details – guaranteed

Hi, Can you spare £3 ?

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